grumbles, grumbling, grumbled
1) VERB If someone grumbles, they complain about something in a bad-tempered way.

[V about/at n] I shouldn't grumble about Mum - she's lovely really...

[V that] Taft grumbled that the law so favored the criminal that trials seemed like a game of chance...

[V with quote] `This is inconvenient,' he grumbled...

It's simply not in her nature to grumble.

moan, whinge
Derived words:
grumbling plural N-VAR

There have been grumblings about the party leader.

Grumble is also a noun.

My grumble is with the structure and organisation of the material.

2) VERB If something grumbles, it makes a low continuous sound. [LITERARY]

[V adv/prep] It was quiet now, the thunder had grumbled away to the west...

[V-ing] The dogs made a noise, a rough, grumbling sound. [Also V]

N-SING: usu N of n
Grumble is also a noun.

One could often hear, far to the east, the grumble of guns.

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